LeaderTask Personal Organizer Standard

LeaderTask Personal Organizer software is a business organizer and email client. It helps you plan your tasks, meetings, manage projects and employees, and process your email messages. LeaderTask features include: task list, appointment calendar, and address book, email client, file storage in the organizer and synchronization with Outlook.
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67 votes Vote

A program like this NEEDS to be portable, so I can carry my contacts, appointments,, etc. along w/ me

LaurelNev, 02.06.2012, 08:11
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39 votes Vote

Develop versions for mobile (android, ios, etc.) version and allow sync via wi-fi

Laurel, 02.06.2012, 08:13
35 votes Vote

Where to start? This installer does not create shortcuts. Anywhere. Activation instructions make no sense. First thing it wants to do is update to, but one has to purchase to do that. Synchronization feature also requires a subscription to se

EdCold, 02.06.2012, 09:45
19 votes Vote

It would be nice to be able to use it, will only let you use it for e-mail if you spend $69 wlse you are limited to 45 days trial.

Peter, 02.06.2012, 09:09
13 votes Vote


Come on guys. You want us to use your program??? Don't limit the usage time for emails
Trevor, 02.06.2012, 10:07
2 votes Vote

Each time this program is given away countless suggestions and ideas are given to improve it. Each and every time those are completely ignored by the company. This is useless without the email and sync. It is nothing but a watered down poor versio

Almeza needs to seriously reconsider their business plans and what they wish to offer and sell to consumers and how. The UI is very unfriendly to those with vision problems. A professional program should not look like a child's toy or gadget....
C. Raines, 02.06.2012, 14:44
2 votes Vote

First off the installer is the worst I have seen in a decade. Consider that I started with DOS 1.0. Secondly the WEB Site Says it has an email client. what a load of crap.It looks nice but if you are trying to get customers don't lead them on with a

Rich Cochran, 03.06.2012, 01:55
1 vote Vote

Be able to use any of the basic functions but you need to register and this has no registration code with it.

Jim Webster, 02.06.2012, 17:50
0 votes Vote

say thanks for this product. seems user friendly and practically designed. pity i have to upgrade to expert pack if i want to synchronise, but i understand that.

Peter G., 02.06.2012, 15:46